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Product Manager

San Francisco, CA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

• Collaborate on the vision and strategy for Product Localization, Copy Writing, and language assets at Netflix.

• Lead the formation of an experimentation strategy alongside other Product, Data Science and Algorithm teams.

• Identify opportunities to improve the language experience for members

• Work with teams around the globe to roll out products to our partners.

• Lead cross-functional teams including design, engineering, and data science to discover and execute opportunities.

• Communicate your vision and strategy broadly throughout the organization.


• Proven record of successfully launching global products or platforms.

• Experience with experimentation at a large consumer service.

• Exceptional analytical skills.

• Experience with localization and translation is a plus

• Ability to mobilize the entire organization towards a common goal.

• A rigorous approach to developing strategy and execution.

• Demonstrated understanding of good UX.

• Ability to prioritize well and articulate your plan across business functions and geographies.

• Ability to inspire, motivate, and lead designers and engineers.

Does this sound interesting but overwhelming? Please don't self-select out; let's figure it out together. We'd love to talk to you!

About the Company

Creative Production and Promotion sits at the intersection of the consumer experience and the Netflix Studio. Our team is integral to making the Netflix experience feel personal and relevant by developing innovative approaches to how we promote, localize and release content. Because our products touch both members and content creators, we seek someone who can fluidly move among both worlds, applying strong product principles and strategic frameworks to the member experience, while deeply empathizing with the art and craft required to create great content. An ideal candidate is someone who is forward-thinking, future-oriented, and practically-minded.

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